November 28, 2016|News

Construction News | Job Growth Data Visualization

Every month the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases data about the job growth in different industries. We have been fascinated in following the construction growth data that available by both cities (more precisely metropolitan areas) and states. 

We we so interested in this data that we wanted to make it both more elegant and accessible. We designed a data visualization that maps both of the city and state construction data to their geographies as well as show the ranking for each data set. We will update this with each new dataset from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Construction Job Growth Data Visualization

Construction growth data visualization

What do I use this construction data for?

Aside from the simple delight of seeing the data, there are a couple of different practical use cases for contractors:

#1 construction forecasting

If you want to deepen your knowledge of your regional or state construction market you can take the states or cities with the highest growth and search in for “[state/city]” + “construction” and specify the dates to search as only the month for the data at which you are currently looking and the job(s) that are the main contributors for the growth should be displayed.

For instance, in September of this year, Hawaii had the highest construction growth (15%). After we search in September it is clear that the growth was due to two major projects: $20 million hotel in Waikiki and $31 million University of Hawaii College of Pharmacy department.

This could then direct your marketing and networking efforts by focusing your attention on commercial and educational markets.

#2 contractor architect research

Once you know what projects are producing the job growth, it is easy to find out which architectural firms and contractors are working on the job. This is useful for both knowledge of the market as well as for networking, marketing, and outreach for future projects. 

We are always making new products and services to help contractors do their work better and more enjoyably.