April 27, 2020|News

Healthcare Interior Design Q&A | Jamison Delfino

interior-designer-jamison-delfino-taylor-designThis post is in a series where we talk to healthcare interior designers about their work as interior designers in the healthcare market. 
Jamison Delfino is a Senior Associate and Lead Interior Designer at Taylor Design. She is certified by the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID).

What is one book, person, or talk that has been most influential in your career?

Recently I have been re-reading Lean In by Cheryl Sandberg. I know gender equality is an issue in our industry, but I try not to get too hung up on it. However, Sandberg reminds me to earn my seat at the table.

What products have you been excited about recently? 

Beautiful light fixtures that double as acoustic solutions.

Do you have any go-to design solutions or techniques for creating healing environments?

Scale is a huge factor in making the experience either intimate or impressive, and they both have merit in creating healing environments. The key is to design with empathy, and approach it from another person’s perspective.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

To not be afraid to push myself too far when it comes to design. There's learning from finding where the edge is, and pushing a little past it.

What is one product that doesn't exist but should?

A flooring product that is sustainable, wax-free, easy to maintain, and great for foot fatigue.. but cost neutral to non-sustainable options!

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