December 4, 2017|News

Wallprotex Starts New Podcast Interviewing the CEOs of the Top 300 Construction Companies

Matt and Eric Field

As younger men (we’re both in our 30s) and business owners in the construction industry, we have looked for a while for resources, inspiration, and mentorship for leaders. And while other industries like tech and finance are saturated with fantastic tools, the construction space was lacking that same breadth. So we decided to do something about it.

Conversations Around the Corner Podcast

We created Conversations Around the Corner — a podcast where we (Matt and Eric) interview the CEOs of the top 300 construction companies in America. The design of the podcast is not primarily to discuss business but step under and behind the company to have a long conversation about the CEOs, hearing the stories of their lives — from first jobs and greatest failures to best books and hunting advice.

Among the first interviews are:

  • Glenn Granger (CEO of Granger Construction) — We talk about wakeboarding, Harvard MBAs, building for Zaha Hadid, and strategies for developing executives.
  • Brian Acton (CEO of BMWC Constructors) — We discuss Indiana basketball, the importance of fraternities, and the best strategies for recruiting young project managers and superintendents.
  • Rob Burton (CEO of Hoar Construction) — We have a conversation about Rob’s dream hunting gun, developing a leadership training program, and the #1 thing to do to move into upper management.

We are continually interviewing the top construction executives, providing education and inspiration for the next generation of construction leaders.

We hope you enjoy the conversations!


Matt and Eric Field