June 18, 2015|Products

Plastic Extrusion - From Pellets to Protection in 50 Feet

Linear Plastic products, whether we're talking about a plastic pipe, a corner guard, or a handrail, are produced using a process...

May 7, 2015|Products

Wallprotex Uses 3D Printing Technology for New Product Prototypes

At Wallprotex, we are committed to offering designers and builders the wall protection products they need to preserve and protect...

March 5, 2015|Products

Innovations in Handrail Installation - The Wallprotex Easy-Lock™ System

A lot of work goes into the development of a new building product.  Whether it’s a doorknob, a light switch, or an exhaust...

December 2, 2014|Products

Why is that Wall Guard Two Colors?

  The end user of any type of product wants something that does its job AND looks good. When it comes to plastic wall protection...

November 12, 2014|Products

Stainless Steel Corner Guards and Their Tradeoffs

Walls are everywhere, and even though they all come in different shapes and sizes they have one thing in common, they have corners.