June 18, 2015|Products

Plastic Extrusion - From Pellets to Protection in 50 Feet

Linear Plastic products, whether we're talking about a plastic pipe, a corner guard, or a handrail, are produced using a process called plastic extrusion.  

In the manufacturing process of any of these products, we are able to take plastic from small plastic pellet form to finished product in the span of only about 50 feet.  Extruded plastic products start out as small plastic pellets about the size of grains of rice available in a large variety of different colors.

The pellets are melted down to a gel-like consistency and extruded through a machined metal die, giving the pliable plastic the shape or profile desired.  Whether the plastic has now taken the shape of a handrail, a wall guard, or a corner guard, the plastic extrusion is given final sizing adjustments to ensure it meets the exact dimensions and specifications necessary. 

At this point, the extrusion passes through a water cooling bath which solidifies the material.  A pullout assembly pulls the entire process along at the same rate of speed which the plastic is being extruded through the die.  At the end of the extrusion line, the product is cut to the desired length and is immediately ready to be stocked, shipped, or installed on a project, where it will begin its role of interior surface preservation.

At Wallprotex, we are able to turn raw plastic pellets into the ultimate in wall and surface protection within the span of one of our 50-foot extrusion lines.  From in-house engineering and manufacturing to our fantastic customer service department, we are here to make sure our customers get exactly what they need exactly when they need it.  Whether you need a few replacement corner guards or you need to equip an entire new hospital with a completely custom wall protection system, Wallprotex has the expertise and manufacturing capacity to handle your next project.