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Wallprotex Promoting Continuing Education in Architecture

Buildings don’t simply appear out of thin air.  For those of us who work in the building design and construction industry, sometimes we wish it were that easy.  Whether small or large, every building project is a delicate blend of concept, design, supply, and construction, with often hundreds or thousands of individuals vested in its success.

At the helm of any project is the architect.  The architect plans, designs, and oversees the construction of the building.  They are responsible for what happens, how it happens, and when it happens, and ultimately to “hand over the keys” to the owner of the building.  Because of the important role that architects play in this process, continuing education is a necessary and vital part of an architect’s career.  Like any professional occupation, earning a degree and becoming licensed to practice in your field is only the beginning, and the American Institute of Architects recognizes this.

The AIA, based in Washington D.C., is the leading professional membership association for licensed architects.  With over 83,000 architect members, the AIA also is the home of the largest network of continuing education resources for architects, the AIA Continuing Education System.


Wallprotex is proud to be an education partner within the AIA/CES network.  Our AIA-accredited Presentation is a one-hour program titled:  “Wall Protection Design Strategy: Interior Preservation with Plastic Wall Protection”.  The seminar qualifies for 1.0 learning units with the AIA/CES, and also qualifies for HSW credit. (A certain percentage of an AIA members credits must be HSW: Health, Safety, and Welfare-related topics)

At Wallprotex, we are proud to make the world’s best wall protection products, and we are also proud to be part of the AIA/CES, helping architects to achieve their education requirements.  Below you will find our official AIA course description and learning objectives.    

Description:  Quality materials, manufacturing, and product selection come together to help preserve and protect the interiors of our buildings.  Learn about the production process of plastic wall protection products and how a properly specified wall protection strategy can prevent ongoing maintenance, repairs, and costs.

Learning Objectives:  The audience will:

1. Learn the different types of plastics and manufacturing methods utilized in the production process of wall protection products

2. Understand the connection between plastics and sustainability.

3. Appreciate the importance of defending building interiors from routine damage, repair, and maintenance with wall protection products.

4. Discover innovative and custom solutions to solve the complex and evolving challenges of today’s design requirements.


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