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Adjustable Angle Corner Guards

wX13 Series

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  • Overview

    Clear adjustable angle corner guards provide unique, flexible protection for your corners. Pairing extreme convenience and customization, adjustable angle corner guards are designed with a flexible hinge to fit any angle and are easily trimmed to any height.

    What's Included

    Corner guards come standard with self-stick tape.

    Raw Materials

    Ultra clear durable co-polymer.

  • Installation Procedure

    Note on Freshly Painted Surfaces

    When installing WX13 corner guards with double sided tape over freshly painted surfaces be sure to follow all of the paint manufactures requirements on drying and curing time as it relates to the environment of the building. Some paints may take up to 2 weeks to fully cure. Applying a double sided tape corner guard over paint that has not fully cured can cause damage to the paint and wall finish should you decide to remove the corner guard at any point.

    1. Wall surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dust and grease. Wipe the wall surface with a solvent to assure all grease, dust and dirt are removed. Make sure that the cleaning solvent used will not damage the finish on the wall surface.
    2. If required, cut corner guard to required length, ensuring that all cuts are square and burr free.
    3. Remove the backing on the double sided tape on the corner guard.
    4. Position the inner center apex of the corner guard to the desired corner of the wall. Press the sides/wings of corner guard tightly to the wall.
    5. Apply firm pressure to the entire surface of each wing of the corner guard to ensure a proper solid bond with the wall surface.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • For best results, the use of liquid cleaners such as 409®, fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, etc. are recommended. The use of powder cleansers is not recommended, use of such cleaners can leave residue which is difficult to remove.
    • Do not use chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters or ketones to clean Wallprotex vinyl products. Avoid the use of heavy degreasers, compounds containing surfactants, and abrasive compounds or cleaning devices.
  • FAQ

    What type of material is the Adjustable Angle corner guard made from?

    The flexible angle corner guard is made from PETG, a clear and flexible plastic material.

    How strong is the double sided tape?

    The tape is intended to be a permanent installation method. When installed correctly, removing the corner guard will likely remove paint or drywall.

    What type/size of fasteners are included if I select 'With Fasteners' as my installation method?

    3/4" Size – The 3/4" corner guards do not come with pre-drilled holes due to their size. Instead, included are 1" long finish drive nails. These are designed to be driven easily directly through the corner guard and provide a finished look.          

    All other sizes – All sizes except 3/4" come with pre-drilled countersunk holes. We include #6 x 1" long nickel plated Philips-head screws. These are course-thread finish screws intended for installation into drywall.

    Does adhesive come with the corner guards?

    No, adhesive is not included with the purchase of corner guards. If you select No Fasteners as your fastening option, you may choose to purchase construction adhesive from us separately. It is listed under the Accessories page.

    What type of adhesive should I use?

    For most standard drywall installations, a generic construction adhesive is a great choice. There are a wide variety of options available. Check the label on your adhesive to ensure that it will work for your specific application.

    When should I use adhesive to install my corner guards?

    Generally speaking, glue or adhesive should be used whenever you need a permanent or heavy duty installation. Adhesive is a universal installation method that allows the user to make small adjustments during the install due to its long cure time. It is easy to administer and creates a strong bond on any wall surface.