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  • Overview

    The End Wall Guard is two corner guards connected by wall base cut to the requested width that wraps around an end wall in order to protect from damage as well as provide a clean unified aesthetic.

    What's Included

    • 2 corner guards
    • 2 aluminum retainers
    • 4 end caps
    • 1 piece of rub rail

    Raw Materials

    Wallprotex produces vinyl corner guards from top UL fire-rated material. Vinyl is a popular choice for interiors and construction projects due to the material’s chemical and mold resistance, and the ease of cleaning.

  • Parts Required

    • Aluminum Retainer (2)
    • Vinyl Cover (2)
    • End Caps (4)
    • Vinyl Backing Sheet (1)

    Note: Stock Length material does not always have squared ends and may require squaring in the field. If space is available use a minimum 12’ long cutting bench to allow the installer to cut the material without having to turn it around.

    Installation Procedure

    Note: Check to ensure the anchors supplied by the factory will work with the type of wall substrate on the project.

    1. Dry fit vinyl backing piece to the exposed portion of the end wall. Cut or trim as required. Apply adhesive to the wall area, place the vinyl backing piece to the wall, firmly press against the vinyl back piece with the palm of the hand. Work the palms of the hand over the entire area in order to remove any air bubbles and to ensure proper adhesion.
    2. Place bottom end cap on each of the aluminum retainers. Then fit the retainers and end cap to the corner, ensure that each retainer is properly aligned with the corner.
    3. Using the factory provided self-drilling, self-tapping screws, attach the retainers to wall, making sure that the screws go through the metal backing stud. Start at the bottom of the retainer and place in the screws accordingly in the factory pre-drilled screw slots.
    4. Place the vinyl covers to the retainers, insert top end caps in order to mark the proper height of the end cap. Attach the top end cap to the retainers and the wall using factory provided screws. Please note that both the retainer and end cap have elongated screw holes that will allow for adjustment of the end cap to ensure a proper fit with the vinyl cover.
    5. Cut or trim the vinyl covers to size (if required). Place the vinyl cover over one side of the retainer, then using the palm of your hand snap the retainer into position over the other side of the retainer.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • For best results, the use of liquid cleaners such as 409®, fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, etc. are recommended. The use of powder cleansers is not recommended, use of such cleaners can leave residue which is difficult to remove.
    • Do not use chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters or ketones to clean Wallprotex vinyl products. Avoid the use of heavy degreasers, compounds containing surfactants, and abrasive compounds or cleaning devices.
  • Please Note

    Textured vinyl corner guards can be cut and fabricated on the job site to fit the size you need. However, Wallprotex offers the added benefit of ordering custom length parts, as the corner guards can be cut to special lengths in-line upon request.