Flush Mount Fire-Rated Corner Guards

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Designed to comply with fire codes, the flush mount fire-rated corner guards provide superior wall protection in hospitals and other facilities that require fire-resistant products. Available in 8' length.


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Flush Mount Fire-Rated Corner Guards


When should I use adhesive to install my corner guards?

Generally speaking, glue or adhesive should be used whenever you need a permanent or heavy-duty installation. Adhesive is a universal installation method that allows the user to make small adjustments during the install due to its long cure time. It is easy to administer and creates a strong bond on any wall surface.

Can I install these products for outdoor use?

Corner guards are not intended for exterior use. Prolonged exposure to direct UV light will prematurely deteriorate both vinyl and polycarbonate, affecting color quality and overall durability of the material.

Does adhesive come with the corner guards?

No, adhesive is not included with the purchase of corner guards. If you select "No Fasteners" as your fastening option, you may choose to purchase construction adhesive from us separately. It is listed under the "Accessories" page.

What if I need to expedite the shipping for my order?

The default shipping rate displayed at checkout is FedEx Ground transit. If you need your shipment to be expedited, please contact Customer Service before completing your order to receive quotes and determine what transit times are available.

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Yes, you will receive an email with your carrier and tracking information on the day that your order is shipped.

Installation Instructions



  • Aluminum Retainer
  • Vinyl Cover
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Drill
  • Level
  • Tape Measure

Installation Procedure

Step 1

After framing is completed, install gypsum wall board on the steel stud framing using the proper drywall setback measurements for the correct type of flush mount corner guard.

Step 2

Mark the locations for the fasteners on the aluminum retainer. Fasteners should be placed 3” for the top and bottom, then 14” O.C., be sure to stagger fasteners on opposite sides of the retainer.

Step 3

Position the aluminum retainer over the framing at the corner. Ensure that the retainer’s flanges over lap on the gypsum wall board and that the retainer is properly aligned with the wall. Using the marks on the retainer (Step 2) install the retainer on the corner by securing the retainer to the steel stud on each side of the corner with self drilling, self tapping screws provided. Ensure that the retainer’s flanges remain correctly lapped over the gypsum drywall as they are attached to the steel stud.

Step 4

Cover the exposed flanges of the aluminum retainer with drywall joint compound (by others). Feather the edges as necessary.

Step 5

If the corner guard is less than the full height of the wall, or trimming is required, measure and cut the vinyl cover to the correct size.

Step 6

Snap the vinyl cover onto the retainer. This is done by inserting one side of the cover along the height of the retainer, and starting at one end, pressing the opposite side of the cover onto the retainer until is snaps into place.