Wall Protection Terms

Aluminum Corner Guard

Aluminum corner guards present one of two solutions if your building regulations require metal wall protection (see also: stainless steel corner guards). They offer high-impact protection and an attractive, industrial design. Aluminum is also found within Retainer Corner Guards and Flush Mount Retainer Corner Guards.

Bullnose Corner

Compared to the standard 90 degree corner, bullnose corners are rounded corners on the edges of a wall. Bullnose corner guards can help to protect these distinct types of corners from damage.

Clear Plastic Corner Guard

Clear plastic corner guards are made from tough, transparent engineering thermoplastic called polycarbonate. This material boasts incredibly high-impact strength and is considered "unbreakable." The clear material allows them to blend into the wall without obscuring the color or pattern of the interior design.

Clear Polycarbonate Wall Guard (also called Clear Wall Protector)

Clear wall guards help to prevent scratching and denting on a wall from things like furniture or luggage. These wall guards are manufactured from polycarbonate, a highly durable and shatter-proof material. Clear wall protectors allow for the color and design of the wall to show underneath the wall protection.

Corner Guard

A corner guard is used to cover and protect an edge where two walls meet at an outside corner. Corner guards can be made from polycarbonate, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, or rubber and are available in various lengths and widths.

Door Edge Guard

Door edge guards wrap around the edge of a door closest to the latch, preventing wear from people or things entering and leaving a room. Guards are typically U-shaped and are manufactured from vinyl or stainless steel.

Door Frame Guard

Door frame guards are designed to preserve the inside section of a doorway that is adjacent to the wall. These areas can be quickly damaged by carts, luggage, and wheelchairs moving in and out of rooms. Door frame guards are typically made from a PETG or vinyl material.

Door Kick Plate

A kick plate covers the very bottom of the push side of a door and protects it from wear that might occur by kicking the door open. Although normally made of metal, kick plates also come in polycarbonate and vinyl, allowing you to match their color or design to the wall.

End Wall Guard

Made with two corner guards connected by wall base, the end wall guard wraps around the end of a wall, which is typically the shape of a rectangle. Manufactured from vinyl, end wall guards come in a wide array of colors to match your design needs.


Unlike your standard rounded handrail, wall protection handrails are specifically designed to not only protect the people in your hospital or commercial building from injury, but also to keep the walls from being damaged. The handrail contains an aluminum retainer, vinyl cover, and vinyl impact absorber to provide long-lasting defense against abuse to the walls.

Inside Corner

An inside corner is where two walls meet at an internal angle.

Outside Corner

An outside corner is where two walls meet at an external angle.

Rub Rail

Rub rail is a strip of vinyl that is attached to the wall with tape, adhesive, or screws. It is an economic solution to keep chairs, luggage, or carts from creating scruffs or dents in walls.

Rubber Corner Guard

Rubber corner guards provide heavy-duty protection for areas where carts are being wheeled in and out, such as warehouses or loading docks. They can typically be cut to length with a sharp utility knife and installed with screws.

Rubber Wall Bumper

Rubber wall bumpers guard the wall from scuffs or dents that may result from repeated abuse by wheeled carts. Wall bumpers are placed horizontally on the wall and are typically flat or rounded.

Stainless Steel Corner Guard

Well-suited to modern kitchen décor and industrial design, stainless steel corner guards offer both a highly professional appearance and optimal wall protection. Stainless steel corner guards can be installed with adhesive or screws.

Stainless Steel End Wall Guard

An end wall guard wraps around the end of a wall, which is typically the shape of a rectangle. The stainless steel material affords maximum durability and a modern finish.

Stainless Steel Wall Panel

Stainless steel wall panels are ideal for the walls of high-traffic areas such as kitchens, corridors, and hospital operating rooms. They provide maximum protection from damage while offering a sleek, modern aesthetic for any room. Additionally, many building regulations require the use of metal wall protection.

Vinyl Wall Base

Wall base is a strip of vinyl that attaches to the area where the wall meets the floor. Installed with adhesive, vinyl wall base guards the section of a wall where repeated kicks may damage it.

Wall Guard (also called crash rail or bumper rail)

Wall guards, also called crash rail or bumper rail, come in many materials and shapes to keep the wall from being damaged. Some wall guards are manufactured with an aluminum retainer and vinyl cover, while others are made from stainless steel or rubber. The advantage of a vinyl wall guard is that it can be customized to match the color of the interior design.

Wall Protector for Chair (also called chair wall guard or chair rail)

A wall protector for chairs is commonly referred to as a chair wall guard or chair rail. This product is especially designed to prevent chairs from banging up against a wall and creating scuffs and dents. Consisting of an aluminum retainer and vinyl cover, a chair rail can be customized to fit with the interior design.

Wall Sheet

Typically made from vinyl, wall sheet is a textured, high-impact wall covering used in hospitals, commercial buildings, educational facilities, offices, and more. The rigid nature of the wall sheet means that it will not easily bend or break from impact.