Outside Corner Trim for Wall Sheet

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Designed to cover the two edges of <a href="https://www.wallprotex.com/product/rigid-vinyl-wall-sheet">Wall Sheet</a> when they meet at corner. Made from vinyl, the corner trim has a 3/4" width and is available in both smooth and textured.


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Outside Corner Trim for Wall Sheet


How do I cut wall sheet?

Wall sheet is safest and easiest to cut using a utility knife or box cutter. Using a straight edge, make a few light scoring passes before cutting completely through the material.

What is the fire rating on the wall sheet?

It is class 1A fire rated.

What is the difference between the standard color palette and the other color palettes?

For all vinyl products there are 10 standard colors available. These 10 colors represent the most common and most readily available color options. Polycarbonate products are only available in clear and the 10 polycarbonate colors. All vinyl colors in palettes B, C, D, and Wildwood are considered specialty colors and are made-to-order.

Do you offer custom color matching?

Yes, we are able to match your custom color. The requirements for a custom color match vary depending on the product line, quantity and desired lead time. Contact Customer Service for more information.

What is the Wildwood collection?

The Wildwood palette consists of various faux wood and other laminate finishes that can be applied to vinyl corner guards. Please contact Customer Service for a custom quote if you are interested in the Wildwood collection.

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