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The Wallprotex vinyl wall sheet is a textured, high-impact resistant rigid sheet used for wall coverings in hospitals, commercial buildings, educational facilities, supermarkets, airports, elevators, and office buildings. These wall protection sheets are available in all colors and Wildwood finishes. Standard length is 8' but can be customized between 4'-12'. Custom widths available upon request.


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Rigid Vinyl Wall Sheet


How do I cut wall sheet?

Wall sheet is safest and easiest to cut using a utility knife or box cutter. Using a straight edge, make a few light scoring passes before cutting completely through the material.

What is the fire rating on the wall sheet?

It is class 1A fire rated.

What is the difference between the standard color palette and the other color palettes?

For all vinyl products there are 10 standard colors available. These 10 colors represent the most common and most readily available color options. Polycarbonate products are only available in clear and the 10 polycarbonate colors. All vinyl colors in palettes B, C, D, and Wildwood are considered specialty colors and are made-to-order.

Do you offer custom color matching?

Yes, we are able to match your custom color. The requirements for a custom color match vary depending on the product line, quantity and desired lead time. Contact Customer Service for more information.

What is the Wildwood collection?

The Wildwood palette consists of various faux wood and other laminate finishes that can be applied to vinyl corner guards. Please contact Customer Service for a custom quote if you are interested in the Wildwood collection.

Installation Instructions



  • Vinyl Wall Sheet
  • Adhesive
  • Paint/Primer (if needed)
  • 1/8” V-notch with 1/2” spacing trowel
  • Painters Tape, Chalk Line or Laser Level
  • Recommended Adhesive
  • Level
  • Laminate roller
  • Utility Knife
  • Smooth foam paint roller (for contact cement)
  • Straight Edge
  • Clean cloths and soapy water

Adhesive Application

Step 1

Read and follow all manufacturer instruction for the chosen adhesive.

Step 2

Apply adhesive using a 1/2” spaced, 1/8” V-notched trowel. Apply the adhesive to the wall area only, do not apply to the backing of the sheet.

Sheet and Trim Application

Step 1

Once the adhesive has cured select the first piece of sheet to be installed, place it along the plumb line for a vertical installation or along the level line for a horizontal (wainscot) installation.

Step 2

Once the sheet is properly aligned lightly rub over the surface of the sheet so that the entire sheet is making contact with the adhesive. Do not press firmly to the wall at this point, check to make sure that the sheet is still properly aligned, the sheet can be re-positioned if necessary to assure proper alignment.

Step 3

Once the first sheet is applied to the wall select any required trim pieces. Using a sharp utility knife cut the trim pieces to the proper size. When using an edge trim across the top of a horizontal (wainscot) run, notch the back of the edge trim at the intersection location with any vertical (joint) trim. Install trim by sliding it behind the sheet.

Step 4

Do not install the trim tight against the edge of the sheet, allow some space (1/16” minimum) for expansion of the sheet. Starting at the center of the sheet, use a roller to apply pressure to the entire sheet, work your way from the center to the edges. This will make the entire surface of the sheet bond to the wall and will allow you to work out and air bubbles. Use the roller to roll the trim once the sheet has been properly rolled and is free of any air bubbles.