Surface Mount Retainer Corner Guards

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The surface mount retainer corner guards are high impact corner guards that utilize two layers of impact absorption to provide superior long-term corner protection. The aluminum retainer and necessary mounting hardware are concealed by a replaceable, snap-on vinyl cover, uniquely combining the benefits of greater visual appeal and the increased durability necessary for high-impact environments.


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Surface Mount Retainer Corner Guards


What is the difference between the standard color palette and the other color palettes?

For all vinyl products there are 10 standard colors available. These 10 colors represent the most common and most readily available color options. Polycarbonate products are only available in clear and the 10 polycarbonate colors. All vinyl colors in palettes B, C, D, and Wildwood are considered specialty colors and are made-to-order.

Do you offer custom color matching?

Yes, we are able to match your custom color. The requirements for a custom color match vary depending on the product line, quantity and desired lead time. Contact Customer Service for more information.

What if I need to order a length other than the options displayed?

If you need to order a custom length please contact Customer Service for more information. Custom length items may be subject to minimum orders and are non-returnable.

Installation Instructions



  • Aluminum Retainer
  • Vinyl Cover
  • End Caps
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Drill
  • 1/8" drill bit
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Non-marring hammer or mallet
  • Mitre saw with 80-100 tooth carbide blade (if cutting to size)
  • Self-tapping screws (included) or preferred fasteners

Step 1

Place bottom end cap on the aluminum retainer. Then fit the retainer and end cap to the corner, ensure that the retainer is properly aligned with the corner.

Step 2

Using the factory provided self drilling, self tapping screws, attach the retainer to wall. Start at the bottom of the retainer and place in the screws accordingly in the factory pre-drilled screw slots, making sure that the screws go through the metal backing stud.

Step 3

Place the vinyl cover to the retainer, insert top end cap in order to mark the proper height of the end cap. Attach the top end cap to the retainer and the wall using factory provided screws. Please note that both the retainer and end cap have elongated screw holes that will allow for adjustment of the end cap to ensure a proper fit with the vinyl cover.

Step 4

Place the vinyl cover over one side of the retainer, then using the palm of your hand snap the retainer into position over the other side of the retainer.