Triangular Bumper Guards

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The Triangular Wall Guard has a gently triangular profile to protect walls in high traffic areas with protruding objects like gurneys and wheelchairs. Standard length is 12'.


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Triangular Bumper Guards


What is the difference between the standard color palette and the other color palettes?

For all vinyl products there are 10 standard colors available. These 10 colors represent the most common and most readily available color options. Polycarbonate products are only available in clear and the 10 polycarbonate colors. All vinyl colors in palettes B, C, D, and Wildwood are considered specialty colors and are made-to-order.

What's the difference between polycarbonate and vinyl materials?

The polycarbonate material has a smooth, glossy finish, and the vinyl material is textured with more of a matte finish.

What if I need to order a length other than the options displayed?

If you need to order a custom length please contact Customer Service for more information. Custom length items may be subject to minimum orders and are non-returnable.

Installation Instructions



  • Aluminum Retainer
  • Vinyl Cover
  • End Cap
  • Outside Corner Assembly
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Level, chalk line, or laser level
  • Tape measure and pencil
  • Drill and various drill bits
  • Wall anchors (if required)
  • Self-tapping screws (included)
  • Nut driver or phillips head bit
  • Mitre saw with 80-100 tooth carbide blade

Step 1

Using the correct plans and layout guides, layout the wall guard and make any necessary cuts before beginning the actual installation.

Step 2

Select a section of the aluminum retainer. Mark the locations for the anchor holes on the retainer, centering the anchor holes along the retainer is recommended. Anchors are spaced 16” O.C. MAXIMUM with an anchor a maximum of 3” from the end of the retainer. Drill the anchor holes through the retainer at the marked locations. Repeat this step for each retainer.

Step 3

Layout the wall guard retainers along the wall where the wall guard will be placed. At outside corner joints, the retainer should be 1/8” short of the corner on one side of the corner to allow for the corner adapter to fit correctly. As needed, place end caps and/or outside corners to the corresponding aluminum retainers. Slide the tab into the center channel of the retainer and mark the screw location on the retainer.

Step 4

Measure the specified/required height from the floor for the wall guard, make marks along the wall at the desired height. Use a chalk line to connect the marks creating a visual reference for the alignment of the wall guard.

Step 5

Place the retainer into position against the wall ensuring that the retainer is properly aligned, level, and at the proper height. Using the correct anchors attach the retainer to the wall. NOTE: Observe all safety precautions when drilling to avoid all utilities and re-bar.