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  • Overview

    Wallprotex hand rails utilize three layers of impact absorption to provide superior long-term wall protection.  The aluminum retainer and vinyl impact absorber are concealed by a replaceable vinyl cover and assembled with adjustable mounting attachments. This product uniquely combines the benefits of durability, visual appeal, and incredible ease of installation.

    What’s Included

    • 12 foot Aluminum Retainer
    • 12 foot Textured Vinyl Cover (Available in 10 Economy Colors)
    • 12 foot Vinyl Impact Absorber
    • 4 Handrail standoffs with locking key
    • 4 wall anchors

    Raw Materials

    Wallprotex vinyl impact absorbers and covers are produced using a high quality UL fire-rated material, and contain 50% recycled content.  Vinyl is a popular choice for interiors and construction projects due to the material's chemical and mold resistance, and the ease of cleaning.

  • Components

    • Aluminum Retainer
    • Impact Bumper
    • Handrail Cover
    • End Cap and Corner Insert
    • End Cap and Corner Housing
    • Locktight Standoff
    • Locktight Insert
    • Locktight Pin
    • Toggle Anchor
    • Aluminum Retainer Splice

    Note: When splices occur (runs over 12’-0”), always splice the aluminum retainers, vinyl covers, and impact bumper at different locations along the run. The minimum required spacing between the splice locations is 6”.

    Tools Required for Assembly

    • Level
    • Chalk Line
    • Tape Measure
    • Phillips Screw Driver
    • Compound Mitre Saw with an 80-100 tooth carbide blade
    • Drill
    • 1/4" Drill Bit
    • 1/2" Drill Bit

    Note: All materials are supplied in stock 12’ lengths and are to be field cut using quality equipment to insure that all cuts are square. When cutting materials Wallprotex recommends using a 80-100 tooth carbide tipped saw blade or equivalent. Stock Length material does not always have squared ends and may require squaring in the field. If space is available use a minimum 12’ long cutting bench to allow the installer to cut the material without having to turn it around.

    Installation Procedure

    Install the longest run of the handrail first, use scrap for shorter runs. The handrail requires a minimum of 2 standoffs per unit/run. The minimum distance of a straight run for this handrail is 17”. The minimum distance from a corner to an end cap for this handrail is 8-1/2”.

    1. Using the correct plans, layout guides and local code requirements layout and mark the location of the handrail on the wall at the appropriate height above the finished floor. Measure 2-3/4” down from the desired top of the handrail and mark this location at each end of the run. Snap a chalk line, or use a laser level to mark the height of the standoff fasteners.
    2. Layout the handrail runs, marking the location of each standoff along the chalk or laser line. There must be a standoff located 6” from the start and the end of each run. Standoffs must be located 6” from all outside corners and 10” from all inside corners. The remaining standoffs are to be spaced a maximum of 32” O.C.. Make sure there is an equal distance on both ends of the handrail run from door jambs and windows.
    3. Drill 1/2” holes at the marked locations for each standoff, then insert a toggle in each hole. Toggle installation instructions:
      1. Hold metal channel flat alongside plastic strips and slide channel through the hole. Minimum clearance behind wall: only 1-7/8”.
      2. Hold ends of straps together between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests behind the wall. Ratchet cap along the straps with other hand until flange of the cap is flush with wall.
      3. Place thumb between the straps at the wall. Push thumb side to side, snapping off the straps level with the flange of the cap.
      4. Place standoff to the wall over the flange. Using 1/4, 20 tap bolt, insert tap and tighten until snug against the standoff, then stop.
    4. If returns are not pre-assembled by the factory, select proper amount of corner housings to assemble all left hand returns required. The select the proper amount of left hand adapters. Using the factory supplied screws affix the adapters to the corner Housing. Repeat this step for the right hand returns and the corners, using two adapters per corner.
      Note: The corner adapters are reversible enabling them to be used for an outside as well as an inside corner application.
    5. Select the end caps or outside corners for each section. Place the factory supplied screw through the hole in the tab on the endcap/corner, then loosely attach the factor supplied slot nut to the screw. Place the retainer on it’s side, then slide the end cap/corner into position with the tab to the back of the retainer and the slotted nut in the center channel of the retainer. Once the end cap/corner is properly seated in the channel and flush with the end of the retainer, tighten the screw to hold the end cap/corner in place.
      Note: The handrail cover can be attached to the aluminum retainer prior to mounting the handrail to the standoffs as long as there are no splices in the run, if you desire to do so go to steps #7 & #8 before step #6.
    6. Insert the required amount of locking brackets for the run into the channel on the back of the aluminum retainer with the flat side of the locking bracket facing up. Align the locking brackets with the standoffs along the run, then lift the handrail assembly into place, pushing the locking brackets into the standoffs. Insert and push down on the locking pin until it is flush with the top of the standoff to lock the handrail assembly into place. Should you need to remove the handrail for any reason use a screw driver at the bottom of the standoff to push the clip up unsnapping the mounting bracket from the standoff.
    7. Select a section of the impact bumper; cut to length if required.
      Note: Be sure to leave a 1” gap at each end of the impact bumper where the handrail corners or ends. Place the impact bumper in the center of the retainer, then snap into place along the center of the retainer.
    8. Select the appropriate handrail cover, cut to length if required, place the top lip of the cover over the top of the retainer. Starting at one end, using the palm of the hand, push the cover down over the bottom of the retainer.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • For best results, the use of liquid cleaners such as 409®, fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, etc. are recommended. The use of powder cleansers is not recommended, use of such cleaners can leave residue which is difficult to remove.
    • Do not use chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters or ketones to clean Wallprotex vinyl products. Avoid the use of heavy degreasers, compounds containing surfactants, and abrasive compounds or cleaning devices.



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