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Clear Polycarbonate Wall Guards

wX15 Series

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  • Overview

    Clear polycarbonate wall guards provide indestructible protection against wall damage, from finger prints to furniture scratching. Powerfully durable and perfect for high-impact environments, clear wall guards are designed to blend in with any décor.

    What's Included

    Wall guards can be ordered pre-drilled with screws or without fasteners.

    Available in clear. Colors available upon request.

    Raw Materials

    Polycarbonate is one of the most impact-resistant plastics available. Wallprotex utilizes this material to create nearly unbreakable wall guards that will not shatter upon impact.


  • Installation Procedure

    1. Wall surfaces must be clean, dry, and free from dust and grease. Wipe the wall surface with a solvent to assure all grease, dust and dirt are removed. Make sure that the cleaning solvent used will not damage the finish on the wall surface.
    2. Remove the clear protective film on the exposed side of the wall guard.
    3. Position the wall guard at the desired location and height, verify that the wall guard is level. Mark the pre-drilled holes along the wall.
    4. Drill marked holes on the wall using a 3/16” drill bit. Push a plastic anchor into each hole along the wall, then place the wall guard into position on the wall. Using the provided screws attach the wall guard to the wall.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • For best results, the use of liquid cleaners such as 409®, fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, etc. are recommended. The use of powder cleansers is not recommended, use of such cleaners can leave residue which is difficult to remove.
    • Do not use chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters or ketones to clean Wallprotex vinyl products. Avoid the use of heavy degreasers, compounds containing surfactants, and abrasive compounds or cleaning devices.
  • Please Note

    Due to the durability of the material, Wallprotex does not advise cutting down polycarbonate wall guards with any kind of powered saw. Though not optimal for a clean cut, a hacksaw can be used if needed. However, Wallprotex offers the added benefit of ordering custom length parts, as the wall guards can be cut to special lengths in-line upon request.

  • FAQ

    What's the difference between polycarbonate and vinyl materials?

    The polycarbonate material has a smooth, glossy finish, and the vinyl material is textured with more of a matte finish.