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  • Overview

    Wallprotex surface mount wall guards utilize three layers of impact absorption to provide superior long-term wall protection.  The aluminum retainer and vinyl impact absorber are concealed by a replaceable, snap-on vinyl cover, uniquely combining the benefits of greater visual appeal and the increased durability necessary for high-impact environments.

    What’s Included

    • .070 Thick, 6063-T5 Aluminum Retainer
    • .080 Thick, Textured Snap-on Vinyl Cover (Available in 10 Economy Colors)
    • Vinyl Snap-on Impact Absorber      
    • End caps priced separately

    Raw Materials

    Wallprotex vinyl impact absorbers and covers are produced using a high quality UL fire-rated material, and contain 50% recycled content.  Vinyl is a popular choice for interiors and construction projects due to the material's chemical and mold resistance, and the ease of cleaning.

  • Parts Required

    • Aluminum Retainer
    • Vinyl Cover
    • End Caps
    • Impact Absorber

    Note: Stock Length material does not always have squared ends and may require squaring in the field. If space is available use a minimum 12’ long cutting bench to allow the installer to cut the material without having to turn it around.

    When splices occur (runs over 12’-0”), always splice the aluminum retainers and the vinyl covers at different locations along the run. The minimum required spacing between the splice locations is 1’-0”.

    Installation Procedure

    Note: The factory recommends using back up channels at stud wall conditions. Check to ensure the anchors supplied by the factory will work with the type of wall substrate on the project.

    1. Using the correct plans and layout guides, layout the wall guard and make any necessary cuts before beginning the actual installation.
    2. Select a section of the aluminum retainer. Mark the locations for the anchor holes on the retainer, centering the anchor holes along the retainer is recommended. Anchors are spaced 16” O.C. MAXIMUM with an anchor a maximum of 3” from the end of the retainer. Drill the anchor holes through the retainer at the marked locations. Repeat this step for each retainer.
    3. Layout the wall guard retainers along the wall where the wall guard will be placed. At outside corner joints, the retainer should be 1/8” short of the corner on one side of the corner to allow for the corner adapter to fit correctly. As needed, place end caps and/or outside corners to the corresponding aluminum retainers. Slide the tab into the center channel of the retainer and mark the screw location on the retainer.
    4. Measure the specified/required height from the floor for the wall guard, make marks along the wall at the desired height. Use a chalk line to connect the marks creating a visual reference for the alignment of the wall guard.
    5. Place the retainer into position against the wall ensuring that the retainer is properly aligned, level, and at the proper height. Using the correct anchors attach the retainer to the wall.
      Note: Observe all safety precautions when drilling to avoid all utilities and re-bar.
    6. Install end caps and outside corners as required. For installation tips concerning door or window jambs and inside corners see figures 3, 4, & 5 on page 2. Then cut (if required) and place the impact bumper to the center of the aluminum retainer and snap into place.
      Note: The impact bumpers should be 1” short of the end of the retainer on both sides to allow for the end caps and corners to fit properly.
    7. Select vinyl cover, fit the cover to the retainer, trim as required, then place the top lip of the vinyl cover over the top of the retainer. Starting at one end, using the palm of the hand, push the vinyl cover down over the bottom of the retainer. Repeat this step for each section of crash rail.

    Cleaning Instructions

    • For best results, the use of liquid cleaners such as 409®, fantastik®, Mr. Clean®, etc. are recommended. The use of powder cleansers is not recommended, use of such cleaners can leave residue which is difficult to remove.
    • Do not use chlorinated or aromatic hydrocarbons, esters or ketones to clean Wallprotex vinyl products. Avoid the use of heavy degreasers, compounds containing surfactants, and abrasive compounds or cleaning devices.

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